Dracula Speaks! by Carole Gill


          I don’t know how many of these press releases Dracula is going to make. All I know is what the Szgany Gypsies tell me. They say that their master has always moved with the times and will be releasing statements to the press when he feels he should.

          There are so many versions of him, some good some not so good (in his opinion), he often feels the need to speak out.

          What follows is something he documented shortly after meeting Mr. Lugosi. Bela, ever the gentleman, was cast as Dracula in the 1927 stage play, premiering in New York as well as the 1931 film of the same name.

          Carole Gill, Author

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 Count Dracula Statement

          ”He wrote to me and requested a meeting as a play was about to be done on the New York stage with Mr. Bela Lugosi cast as Dracula.

I wrote back that I’d be delighted. If truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive about the play, although I did see photos of Mr. Lugosi and thought him quite an imposing gentleman. Still, one never knows what a person (or vampire) will be like until you see them in the flesh (sorry).

          He impressed me immediately, not only was he tall and handsome, but he was polite and thoughtful. “I’m going to play you, sir.” Lugosi announced. “Can you give me any tips?”

          I had already leafed through the script I had been sent. “They’re doing it differently; they’ve changed so much about me! Why do they do that? Why can’t they follow my existence as it is? What’s with the opera cape and all that nonsense and why update the damned thing?”

Lugosi agreed. “If you prefer me to turn it down, I will but the contract has been signed.”

I nodded. “If you do, their blood sucking lawyers will nail you. No, I don’t wish that for you, you’re too nice for that.”

Well, we became firm friends. The show did very well. It went on tour and I was delighted.

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When Bela wrote to me saying a film was going to be made, although excited and happy for him, I was once again apprehensive. I worried that yet more liberties concerning my existence would be taken. I did not however burden him with my worries.

The film was made and released and Bela invited me to a private screening at his home. I didn’t move for some time after the end credits.

“Well, how do you like it Count?”

 “Despite the updating and the massive changes to my story—I did like it. I liked it because of your performance!”

Bela was delighted. We parted as good friends and remained friends until Bela’s death.

By the way, I was the one that said to Bela, “Dracula is your Shakespeare.” Just thought I’d clear that up.

Count Dracula

(End of statement)

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 Carole Gill

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